2018 Fastest Rats on the river

Talk about setting the pace, 11 crossed the finish line in LESS THAN ONE HOUR!!!

The 2018 River Rat Paddle Challenge had a record breaking year with 11 racers finishing in under an hour.  


Andy Capel Monday Night Sprints - 51:02

Adam Davis Memphis Maphia 52:22

Mike Womack Memphis Maphia 53:19

Phil Capel Monday Night Sprints 54:55

Charles CarpenterTeam U.S.A. 55:02

Ralph Dismukes Memphis Mafia 55:04

Henry Lawrence 56:01

Muril Robertson Monday Night Sprints 58:33

Kimberly Schulte Shark Attack 58:40

David Adams 58:52

Frank Walker Monday Night Sprints 58:57